Anti-Revolution Pt 1: Infidel Jacobin Theories, Patriarchy in WLC, Natural Theology

The Anti-Revolutionary series (Pt I). So it begins. This episode is locked, cocked, and ready to rock against the revolution. PBR and Dave discuss the Jacobin Critical Theory basis of the Revolutionary mind. Listen, take note, and be not deceived by revolutionaries. Jesus Christ is no revolutionary. Jesus Christ is King. Spotify Apple Podcasts HereContinue reading “Anti-Revolution Pt 1: Infidel Jacobin Theories, Patriarchy in WLC, Natural Theology”

Theodore Roosevelt and Citizenship

Citizenship in a Republic You can listen in the post above or check out the episode on your favorite app. Spotify is above, Apple podcasts is down below. Leave us a review and share the show, it’s the least you can do! “It’s not the critic who counts.” These words are beginning to fade today,Continue reading “Theodore Roosevelt and Citizenship”