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IGM or: Peace in Our Time

NEW EPISODE IGM. I got mine. You did your work, now it’s someone else’s problem. The retirement mentality. The Ronin mentality. The Neville Chamberlain mentality of Peace for our time.  What’s wrong with the retirement mentality? Check out Don’t Waste Your Life Dave and Kyle briefly discuss Memorial Day with a brief award citation and the manfulContinue reading “IGM or: Peace in Our Time”

Churchmen: Death to Comfort

Comfort makes you soft. The things that make life easy are a bribe to keep you comfortable. Stop taking the bribe. The world will hate you, so be prepared. Listen on your apps Apple Podcasts Spotify We’re on Google Podcasts as well, if you’re into that. Memento Mori -RO->

Who dares Wins.

Be a Man Among Men. I was thinking about this article on a recent work trip. Cruising through the Arizona desert an old favorite “ Survival of the Fittest” by Mobb Deep started playing. The first verse “There’s a war going on outside no man is safe from/ you could run but you can’t hideContinue reading “Who dares Wins.”

Christian Manhood and the Difference Between Folly and Funny (With Michael Foster)

Are you a clown who always angles for jokes and sees jokes as the “whole enchilada” rather than merely a sauce? Are you a self serious man who is unable to laugh or take a joke? Do you joke about the flesh too much? Do you mock authority? If you answered yes to any ofContinue reading “Christian Manhood and the Difference Between Folly and Funny (With Michael Foster)”


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