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Hasta La Vista, Roe: Cause for Celebration

Some thoughts on the momentous overturn of Roe V Wade.  Some interaction with AOC’s horrible floor speech. There are next steps, but this is also a time to humbly celebrate. What happened, what’s next, what can you do? Memento Mori

Anti-Revolution Pt 1: Infidel Jacobin Theories, Patriarchy in WLC, Natural Theology

The Anti-Revolutionary series (Pt I). So it begins. This episode is locked, cocked, and ready to rock against the revolution. PBR and Dave discuss the Jacobin Critical Theory basis of the Revolutionary mind. Listen, take note, and be not deceived by revolutionaries. Jesus Christ is no revolutionary. Jesus Christ is King. Spotify Apple Podcasts HereContinue reading “Anti-Revolution Pt 1: Infidel Jacobin Theories, Patriarchy in WLC, Natural Theology”

Detonating the Nuclear Family

The left is coming for your children. The revolution wants to detonate the Nuclear Family. The fallout will be horrendous for decades to come.

Jolly Work and Juking Jabs

It’s a dark time, a battle is raging for freedom of conscience. What should we do? Load up, it’s time to get after it.

Killing Time

Why talk about wasting time? Can’t that just be solved with the Gospel? Well, in the same way that becoming a better rifle shot can be solved with the Gospel.

The Death of Heroism

Listen above, or listen below, either way- here you go… Apple Podcasts Deconstruction is death. Whatever happened to heroes? Should I have dark humor? Is it wrong to desire greatness for you?  Why have heroes? Should we have them?  There are many different types of heroes, but how should we live? Is there a wayContinue reading “The Death of Heroism”


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