Preaching: The Art of Prophesying Part I

We had good friend and guest Pastor Joel Webbon from The Response Church and Right Response Ministries on the show to discuss the state of preaching. Be forewarned, this episode gets spicy. Remember to subscribe to the Reformed Operator podcast and leave a review on whatever platform you listen to the show on. This helpsContinue reading “Preaching: The Art of Prophesying Part I”

Episode II: Beyond Patriarchy: Recovering (SPICY!!!!)

We talked spicy with Sean from The Response Church and “Stone Mountain Media.” Get on it! You can listen above, but if you haven’t listened on one of the major platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts and left a review you haven’t done us any real favors. Get to it. Apple Spotify GoogleContinue reading “Episode II: Beyond Patriarchy: Recovering (SPICY!!!!)”


The first podcast Episode of “Reformed Operator” is available now. Just in time for Reformation Day! We’ve also included readings of all our essays. Join us as we have guests on the show, narrate essays, and hear from the men digging, building, and fighting in the trenches. Share this podcast anywhere you can, and Godspeed.Continue reading “EPISODE 1: ARMOR FOR THE FIGHT”

The Content of Discontent or: How I learned to Stomp Snakes From the Garden.

Concupiscence corrupts Christian contentment. SUMMARY: We live in a Too Long; Didn’t Read (TL;DR) culture. So, here’s a summary of what you’ll see. Read the whole thing, form a habit of reading. And not just fantasy fiction, because that’s another distilled worldview- it’s just not as popular as film and television. Don’t dismiss this becauseContinue reading “The Content of Discontent or: How I learned to Stomp Snakes From the Garden.”