Masculine Christianity with Zach Garris

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This time we have another guest on the show.

Zach Garris, Author of “Masculine Christianity” and Editor of “Dabney on Fire: A Theology of Parenting, Education, Feminism, and Government” joins us to talk patriarchy, feminism, and the influence intersectionality, feminism, and intersectional feminism has had in the culture from the days of the early “women’s movement” of the 1800s. Its creep into the interpretation of text and general softness growing in the broader evangelical church, even into confessionally reformed denominations.

As Dabney so eloquently put it regarding the Bible’s clear teaching on men and women: “Let every one make up his mind honestly either to reject the Bible as a fable, and thus preserve his Jacobin (protocommunist/marxist) humanitarianism, or frankly to surrender the latter in order to retain the gospel.”

– R L Dabney

Confused about complementarianism and egalitarianism?

The intellectuals at Wikipedia state simply:

“Complementarians assign primary headship roles to men and support roles to women based on their interpretation of certain biblical passages. One of the precepts of complementarianism is that while women may assist in the decision-making process, the ultimate authority for the decision is the purview of the man in marriage, courtship, and in the polity of churches subscribing to this view.

The main contrasting viewpoint is egalitarianism, which maintains that positions of authority and responsibility in marriage and religion should be equally available to females as well as males.”

Weak sauce has withered into “nice” and “soft” sauce in many churches. Publishers, Theologians, and Churches are collapsing into affirmation of (or silence on) “thin complementarianism” by Egalitarian critiques hiding with Beth Moore and her acolytes in Presbyterian and Reformed Denominations behind the accusation of abuse.

While abuse is wrong in all circumstances, it does not negate the right use of father rule or male headship. In fact, a good Christian patriarchy would crush this abuse resolutely rather quickly. Speaking of abuse, the irony of the ideology of egalitarianism (and its doting spawn, feminism) is that egalitarianism via socialism/communism/humanist atheism murdered in the neighborhood of 100 million for the sake of “equality.” It was also the ideological source of the guillotine for 14,000 people in France. That’s not abuse of an ideology, that’s just its standard operating procedure once in full swing. It is always wise to consider the source of ideas like egalitarianism and patriarchy, by using what’s referred to as Ad Fontes “to the sources.” 

The new “thin” or “narrow complementarianism” is the fruit of far too many churchmen being afraid to stand firm for something simple- father rule in the home, and the role of Elder and Deacon limited to men. This used to be called, simply and biblically, Patriarchy. Then emerged complementarianism as the cowed evangelical response to the cultural climate, now currently splitting at the metaphysical seams. 

To put it simply.

Christian Patriarchy is good. Feminism and Egalitarianism are… bad. 

Let’s talk Masculine Christianity

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