Foundations for Men: Fathers, The Future, and Family Worship

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This episode we decided to get practical. Real practical. The main thrust of what we’re doing here is meaningless if you don’t have Christ, you can make a wonderful structured order around you, but if it’s without faith- it’s dead and useless. You need the Holy Spirit and prayer! We have a few tips and tricks for bringing order to your home. A big part of what we forget is thinking in time, as in- beyond what we want. Another part is making a practice and habit of family worship. Stand firm and grow strong! Become a deeply rooted oak filled with the sap of the spirit of Christ!

We also included some general basic habits and helps to actually get things done in life. Don’t get obsessed with our culture’s lazy version of leisure.

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Godspeed! Remember: Christ is King, he redeems the WHOLE MAN, and…



One thought on “Foundations for Men: Fathers, The Future, and Family Worship

  1. I am a new father. This episode was providential. Thank you for your obedience to Christ in speaking the truth in love. This is my new favorite podcast. I listen everyday. Keep up the hard work, us men, we need this bold talking to. I’m sharing it with many brothers. Momento Mori


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