Audio Westminster Reading Plan

We’re excited to announce that we are publishing daily readings of our Monthly Westminster reading Plan! This means you now have no excuse not to go through the Westminsters standards at least once. At the most this will take 15 minutes of each day, and serve as a fantastic supplement to your daily Bible reading. Which we strongly encourage be the M’Cheynne reading plan. We’re also planning to publish a reading of John Murray’s Defense of the Westminster at the conclusion of the Month, so be on the lookout for that!

There are multiple places to listen, but you can easily find our Westminster Reading Plan (yes, we split it into 31 readings like regular old cavemen) right HERE on our website. Under the readings itself you will find the audio of the actual selections for the day. We hope this serves as a wonderful blessing in trying times.

Our content occurs in its desired form and organization on Apple Podcasts, but we recommend you use one of the following feeds.

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Again, you can find the readings posted DAILY HERE.

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Godspeed. Remember that Christ redeems the WHOLE MAN, and…

Memento Mori


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