4th Generation Warfare: Commies, Karens, Cowards, and Cowboys

A reading of the essay is included immediately below. However, it is encourage you look through the images included in this essay for maximum impact. A picture is worth…

Summary: We have entered a new phase of warfare in the US. It’s an inherently religious warfare of ideology, politics, and legal standards. The Christians are late to the fight, but we can win. 

Cowboy Up. If not me, who? If not now, when?

A little background on Lind’s Generations of Warfare theory:

There’s a theory presented by a man named William Lind that there are 4 generations of warfare. It’s important to remember that war itself, even as defined by the dictionary, no longer holds to the first definition of “open, armed conflict between countries or factions within a country.” War now tends to fall under the second definition found in Webster’s New World Dictionary “any active hostility, contention, or struggle; conflict.” Warfare is merely “the act of waging war.”

Let’s move on to the changes to warfare proposed by Lind:

1st generation Warfare: That of the Spartans and prevailing for thousands of years. Columns of men, arrayed with spears, bows, and swords.

Think: Cavalry, catapults, archers, and artillery. 

2nd Generation Warfare: This comes with the industrial revolution and rifled weapon systems, up to Gatling Guns and artillery pieces. Using much of the same previous massing of forces.

Think: Artillery, Napoleon, The War Between the States, and much of World War I

3rd Generation Warfare: The Blitzkrieg. Small. Speedy. Stealthy. Dynamic assaults through weak points to degrade the enemy

Think: Lightning strikes deep into enemy territory stunning the enemy, aka Blitzkrieg (lightning warfare), this includes Korea, and everything leading up to Vietnam.

4th Generation Warfare: The blurring of warfare with law, politics, and decentralization. More along the lines of winning hearts and minds. 

Think: Vietnam, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq again, Syria, and the general attacks of the Cold War that involve cyber, social, political and legal changes throughout the world. Namely, consider Communism, Saul Alinsky, Antonio Gramsci, Noam Chomsky, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) meddling, and every piece of ideological warfare pushed as propaganda via news outlets and protests. 

An Introduction to 4th Generation warfare and the church

We have to understand that we in the church are at war with principalities and powers. And that most of mankind hates God, and hates The Truth (Eph 6, Rom 1:18, Rom 8:7, Eph 2:2, Eph 5:6). We have to understand that much of what is being pushed by those who are “woke” is the work of the sons of disobedience in our age. When you hear woke, you should immediately think “sons of disobedience” (read Colossians). We are facing a crisis in the church. A crisis that happens to link perfectly with 4th Generation Warfare, Antonio Gramsci, Saul Alinsky, and Noam Chomsky, Federalist Paper #10, the Christian worldview, and our primary focus; the church.

“Have you grown so fat and happy that you care not [to fight the enemy]… Will the day come when we awake to discover that we have ceded future liberty to current ease?”


That Commie Corona (an ideological pandemic infecting pulpits)

The Chinese have a proverb, “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second-best time is now.” This is a generational perspective, one that is undeniably future-oriented. It’s the perspective that built the York Minister Cathedral, which took 252 years to build. We won the war of launching rockets into space in America, roundly defeating the commies by going to the moon. We lost the war on our women. Imagine a world wherein wars were fought not physically (due to Mutually Assured Destruction, aka MAD), but rather ideologically. This is the world we live in. 

Get your thinking caps on. To understand this, you need to know a name: Antonio Gramsci. The short version is he was an I-talian commie with a plan to take over the “hegemony”, aka taking “dominion” over the culture at every institutional level. This was known as “The Long March Through the Institutions.” A way to instill Marxism at every level without firing a shot. The theory is a way to wage bloodless warfare through fear, intimidation, and education. Gramsci believed there were critical institutions that formed the basis for this hegemony: seminaries, universities, politics, and school systems as a whole. It was critical to seize the seminaries and convert them to the new religion, progressively. Gramsci pulled much from Marx, but he also stole from Hegel. Gramsci’s emphasis appears to be connected with Hegel’s Dialectical Idealism and a little tripartite triangle of being that Hegel developed. 

Hegel had a robust theory of being, and much of Hegel’s dialectic was appropriated by Marx. Hegel thought that three things informed our being, or our spiritual existence. Art, Philosophy, and Religion. Hegel’s tripartite understanding helps us fill in the gaps that the progressives in the institutions have been kindly colonizing for us in order to convert them to the Commie form of progressivism. The Philosophy and Art department bent over to Marxism quickly. Philosophy and the Arts have become greenhouses for Postmodernism and Dialectical Materialism (Marxism, matter is all there is, conflict and change form the only truth, power/authority structure redistribution etc). 

We clearly caught a virus from China, but it was more than the Chinese virus you just pictured. Throughout recent history we’ve received an intellectual barrage, a full out assault that’s now spilled out into the streets from social media. That’s where we see this ideological infiltration of the institutions most clearly. Social Media and Media are the key means of production for influence and building “relationships” (if you can call social media that). Why else is the Commie movement B_M (Bowel Labor Movement) so popular? 

To win a war, especially our ideological war, you need to do a few things, but one of the most important is to demoralize, divide, and panic the enemy. Meaning, to beat him without fighting him where you can, and make it so that he fights in fear or even fights himself. You need to manipulate and change everything he knows about you and weaken and subvert him with what you know about him. This is where 4th generation warfare applies to the church and how we view everything we do, since the church is part of Gramsci’s “hegemony” and the long Marxist march through it. This is how you contort, twist and manipulate the pulpit. Seize the hegemony. 

Karen and the Cowards in the Church (Useful Idiots and Fellow Travelers)

Here’s how you break men and make them into cowards. This is where the principles of 4th Generation warfare exert their full influence. Remember that law and politics are key in waging 4th Generation warfare. It looks a lot like a campaign to demoralize the enemy. Consider “Hanoi Jane” during the Vietnam War. Irrespective of whether you agree with the war or not, her conduct was despicable. The 24-hour news cycle contributed much to the rapid change in the way America waged warfare. The 444-day Iranian Hostage crisis contributed much to the 24-hour news cycle. Suddenly, the enemy had access to our press, and its influence on the American public, in a way that hadn’t been seen before. Our enemies seemed to learn from Vietnam and our news reporting. A critical piece of degrading morale was emphasizing the moral evils of what America had done, while emphasizing the senselessness of war. Failing to realize that war is a filthy, violent conflict often fraught with the fickle depravity of man. While the enemy ran roughshod over American forces using the media and the useful idiots therein. The commies waged the “war of the flea”. The war of the flea is “the death of a thousand bites.” The same war being waged on the church through woke/thin complementarian “fellow travelers” like Beth Moore, Aimee Byrd, Tim Keller, Lecrae, Eric Mason, ReVoice conference, Matt Chandler and others. 

We aren’t meant to be omniscient. But here we are, not just in a culture of 24-hour news, but in a culture of notification news, of viral media and hashtags. As if on cue, once again, there are those on the left happy to attack yet another institution by attempting to degrade its moral standing. The left comes for the church, cowing her into submission by dis-fellowshipping and distancing those who are unwilling to bend. With viral videos, rioting, and doxxing (reverse image searching someone to find their Facebook or other personal information in order to harass, harm, or otherwise assault them in their home) being weaponized as intimidation tools. 

Public shaming, the original Maoist Communist equivalent of viral “Karen” infamy.
Consider the impact of infamy on this couple for merely defending their home from rioters. This couple became an infamous internet meme and viral video known as “Ken and Karen.”
During the cultural revolution statues were torn down and then burned.
Statues torn down in America during B_M protesting.

But the problem doesn’t start there. The problem is only obvious there. The source is the cowards in the church. The cowards unwilling to stand up to the intersectional feminists. You can smell the stench a mile away, and yet, the men who can do something about it are afraid to, why?

The Commie Leon Trotsky called them “fellow travelers.” The Commie Lenin called them “useful idiots.” They’re the same thing, non-commies who identify with commie values. Just without the gulags (which is what the commies all say, especially when they do have gulags). Morons who have latched on to some piece of the Commie/Jacobin/Dialectical Materialist/Socialist/Intersectional/Feminist pool of pseudo-intellectual diarrhea from eating that rotten forbidden fruit of old. These are men like J.D. Greear, Matt Chandler, and Tim Keller. People who get behind Beth Moore and the “ReVoice” conference. Those people may mean well, but they are “useful idiots” being led along by the horrific “woke” movement. A movement that denies Gal 3:28, Col 3:11 and wants to create “black spaces” for communion or as at saddleback Church, Black-Only Events (that’s right, Rick Warren is promoting real racism to fight fake racism). Or consider the ReVoice conference that decides that 1 Cor 6:9 somehow doesn’t apply.

The woke movement is hard to pin down, why? Because it’s a hodge-podge of postmodernism, Marxism, “indigenous epistemologies” and a syncretistic approach to scripture that is dynamic (dynamic is a code for liquid, soft, changing, or adaptable standards) and unpredictable. The destructive nature of what’s being done by commies and their “useful idiots” isn’t immediately obvious and quickly sounds like a conspiracy theory until you consider the substantial evidence. The “fellow travelers” aid the creation of Noam Chomsky’s theory for CONTROLLING PEOPLE’S THINKING. That’s right, Noam Chomsky wanted to control people’s thinking. Meaning, subversive use of democratic media institutions to exert influence the way totalitarian governments would. (Chomsky on MisEducation, 2000) Read that as psychological and ideological attacks rather than tangible physical punishment. This ultimately makes cowards.

The cowards are afraid of what they’re told to be afraid of. The cowards take any threat of death, no matter how small, as a “gospel issue.” Why? Because the coward isn’t worried about the things of heaven, his treasure isn’t there. Like Jonathan Leeman, he’s worried about cultural capital that doesn’t exist. He’s worried about the social death of social media rejection or infamy. He’s worried about the remote chances of actual death. He’s afraid to do anything that might shake things up. He’s fine with Jesus on a Cross, but not fine with Him at the right hand of the father, and certainly not fine with him driving people out of the temple with whips.

Cowards aren’t meeting for Church. Cowards have kept their congregation isolated and encouraged their spiritual death by giving up to governmental overreach and forcing their congregations to “gather online”. For the two kingdoms people, Lord’s Day worship should be a no-brainer for 80 percent of their congregation, the government has no authority on the church. Instead of leading the charge, we see John Macarthur picking up their slack. The radical two kingdoms people are happy to submit to the court of public opinion. They leave it to men who don’t know what to do with “have a little wine for the easing of your stomach” to take action. Many congregations have been cowed by California commies into crushing their congregations with COVID containment cutting off communion. We shouldn’t be reckless, but we should be reformed in our resistance.

Communists tearing down statues during the “Cultural Revolution” under Mao.

But what do commies and corona have to do with the church? 

It’s interesting to note that China incited a massive panic on its people with mandatory vaccinations in 1952. They waged a “war against germs.” That was their campaign motto. The CCP drummed up charges that the US was using biological warfare and generated the paranoia and panic necessary to generate sympathy for the communist regime. Vaccinations were propagandized as the only way to fight imperialism. Lockdowns of dissidents began, especially any “colonizer whites.” Much of this story can be found in the excellent book “Brainwashing” by Edward Hunter. But the CCP’s other favorite activity for motivating their people was public shaming. You can see some pictures included from Mao’s cultural revolution. China still conducts public shaming to this day. It’s clear there’s one thing the CCP loves, and that’s CCTV. The CCP is known for using facial recognition software to publicly shame any violator of anything, taking someone’s seat, wearing pajamas in public, testing positive for COVID, and so on. Don’t forget that Chinese Communists tore down statues and burned them publicly. But lest we forget the other commies let us remember that Solzhenitsyn reminded us in “The Gulag Archipelago” that the first to go in a communist revolution are the Orthodox religious, then the Academia that speak out, then the liberal religious who may have supported communism, and then the Academia who supported the communists in the first place. 

To clarify the point here, we’ll summarize. The commies strike the church with fear about viruses in order to shut down churches completely and forgo their God-given right to gather, the commies mandate vaccinations, the commies love to watch you, the commies love to destroy cultural relics for cultural revolution, the commies love to shame those who disagree publicly and claim victim status if you shame them, the commies hate God, they hate freedom, and they hate when people who have different colored skin actually get along. Essentially, commies hate everything that Christians love. This includes those dumb enough to believe in egalitarianism, and just rebrand it as “thin complementarianism.” But if you dare speak up, if you dare disagree, be prepared for the relentless onslaught of public shame and the vox populi. 

The caption reads: “Vaccinate everyone, to crush the germ warfare of American Imperialism.”

What do the cowards have to do with the church?

Here’s where Karen comes in. One need only gander at the recent explosion of “Karens” on social media. Karen is a little difficult to define but we’ll try anyway: Karen is anyone who makes a scene in public and ends up being publicly shamed via social media. Karen isn’t a person, but rather Karen is a leftist archetype, a meme, a viral video obsession and a slur. You can read The BBC’s awful take on it here. Karen is the label of shame associated with degrading someone who may or may not have been right in the situation but had the misfortune of being videotaped by a coward looking for an opportunity to get a few Facebook followers. 

Public shaming has been a practice in China throughout its history. It does much to silence those who would otherwise speak up. Even silence isn’t enough to avoid being shamed.

Perhaps you’ve already grasped the logic here, the label “Karen” strikes at the heart of man in two ways. Negatively as the representative shame of the public court of social media and positively as the pleasing approval of man. Both are a grave threat used for cowing churchmen into cowardice. The possibility of being mentioned by name and shamed in a 25 million view “Karen” video is enough to bend many a knee to the classic CRT commie agenda. The reach of this shame is new and disturbing, the public shaming is not. Tarring and feathering, stocks, walks of shame, etc… have long been a source of silencing the feint of heart. Commies love nothing better than silencing dissenters. The communist agenda needs to turn philosophy and art to consume the church utilizing every means at their disposal: public shame is merely the tip of their spear. It works. Calling someone a Karen can quickly turn your average Christopher into a colossal coward. 

The reasons cowardly men became cowardly are legion. To keep our scope dialed in, we’ll keep it to two reasons. For the sake of argument, we’ll call these reasons tools. The first tool for emasculation is the fear of being ostracized. The second tool for emasculation is the accrual of cultural and philosophical capital and commands via social media, the arts, and the books they read. They’re sick of scratching at the fleas, so they stop scratching the fleas and start naming them. The fleas are friends. Fleas like Jacques Derrida or Karl Marx. These men (and disturbingly common now, women) are egalitarians (egalitarian meaning everyone is the same) in their thought processes, even if they profess complementarianism (male and female are distinct and have distinct duties). These men are afraid to say anything to anyone, anywhere for fear of repercussion. This is the inherent base of what those commies are doing. They’re dialectical idealists or materialists. They’re not afraid to make you feel afraid. They’re not afraid to hurt your feelings. But they’ll invoke victim status if you say anything Biblical. And Here you are, afraid to say that women must not be elders. Afraid to say that sodomy, unbiblical divorce, and fornication are abominations to be repented of. Afraid to say that Jesus is the only way to heaven. Afraid to say that scripture is authoritative. Stop it. Stop being afraid of losing money, stop being afraid of losing your job. Stop being apathetic. Stop being pathetic. 

Here’s how. 


Taber puts it this way in “The War of the Flea”. “The needs of the guerrilla are few: his rifle, a blanket, a square of some impermeable material to shelter him from the rain, a knife, a compass, stout boots- the minimum of ordinary camping equipment. Personal qualifications are greater. Physically, the guerrilla must be strong, with iron legs and sound lungs: temperamentally, he must be a cheerful stoic and an ascetic; he must like the hard life he leads. But what is indispensable is ideological armor. Above all, the revolutionary activist must stand on solid moral ground, if he is to be more than a political bandit.” (Taber, pg 169)

This is the battle. The commie revolutionary versus the reformed cowboy. Two hearty individuals with completely different ideologies. The commie is a son of his father the devil. The Christian cowboy is the son of his father, God. One a radical revolutionary the other a resurgent reformer. Both remain on the outside. The question is who will win? We know the answer.

It’s pretty damn simple. A simple Christian man, leading a simple life with joy. You need to balance Law, Order, and Liberty in your home well. The salt of the earth. Consider the cowboy, the man who’s got nothing to lose and everything to gain from what he’s doing. His equipment is much the same as the guerrilla’s, except for the fact that the cowboy carries his bible and knows the difference between he who pisseth against the wall, and she who doth not. I mean the mavericks, who know the cultural rules (commie egalitarian cultural rules, not biblical rules) and when to break them. They know when to strike, and when to strike fast, hard, and without mercy. 

There’s a great metaphor for this in “The Man who Shot Liberty Valance.” Law, Order, and Liberty are at the core of the film. The man obstructing Liberty is actually named Liberty. There’s Tom, who is the source of order in the town, unafraid to stand up to Liberty. There’s Ransom, the source of understanding the Law. Then there’s the marshal, a man who took the job because it paid the bills and keeps him fed. Go watch the movie, learn to be like Tom and Ransom. Men who are willing to fight and die for the truth. 

How can you say you’d be willing to die for the gospel if you’re afraid of losing friends (James 4:4)? How can you say you’d be willing to die for Christ if you’re afraid of being shamed in the stocks of social media? How can you say your treasure is in heaven, if all you can spout is information useless in eternity? 

What are you trying to save? Alexander Solzhenitzyn gives wonderful advice in “The Gulag Archipelago”, he asserts that once you’re in fear of captivity there’s only one thing you can do. Let go mentally of everything you owned. Let it all go. Be prepared to take nothing with you. This is not giving up hope, this is giving you passion, boldness, zeal, and freedom. This is no mere asceticism. Are you trying to save your skin or your soul? I Corinthians 7:29-31 

The cowboy is the perfect agent against the commie waging his surreptitious 4th generation assault on everything you believe. Why? Because he doesn’t care what the commie threatens, he knows The Truth. The cowboy isn’t afraid of a scrap, but the cowboy also knows how to treat others with kindness and respect. The cowboy knows how, and when, to be hard. You can be more of a cowboy by caring less about feelings, and more about truth. The cowboy can look at the fire they’re burning statues on (and down the road possibly people) and not be afraid of being burned. He knows he must die, it’s just a matter of when, and much like the samurai (or Paul The Apostle), he hopes for a good death when it comes (Phillippians 1:21). 

This is the way. It’s simple, you need to know what matters. Biblical Law, Order, and Liberty. Where do those come from? Christ. Scripture gives us what we must do, and how we must live in light of the free gift of salvation for which we can take no credit. The communist only has questions, deconstruction, chaos, mimetic desire, concupiscence, and lust to attack you with. They don’t know anything. You know the way. Literally, when we say this is the way, we mean we know Jesus. We know The Way. 

Cheer up. You’re only going to die. Don’t be miserable, don’t be pathetic. The puritans believed one of the most important parts of the Christian life was learning to die well. We shouldn’t become obsessed with death, but we shouldn’t pretend it doesn’t happen. Death is a curse. It is not natural, all of creation knows this and groans. 

How do we win in this bizarre time of social, ideological, religious, state, political and legal warfare? We are the resistance. The church has always been the reformation. Be jolly. Have joy. Have joy in everything we do. Celebrate the Lord’s Day- start feasting with joy! Be men, stand up, grow a spine and start leading. Shout “follow me” with all your might and step into the breach. Learn to stand up and win 4th generation warfare. It’s easy, be not cowed into cowardice. Learn that you are not alone and be prepared to fight joyfully in places where you may be alone. Don’t wait for someone else, men. Because the war just came to your home, your church, and the state. Remember you must die daily and find freedom in that.

Learn to live the great commission with jolliness and remember Christ is King. 

Nehemiah 8:10   Then he said to them, “Go, eat of the fat, drink of the sweet, and send portions to him who has nothing prepared; for this day is holy to our Lord. Do not be grieved, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

Think about it this way: If not me, who? If not now, when?

Memento Mori



Hunter, E. (1958). Brainwashing; the story of men who defied it. Pyramid Books. 

Solženicyn, A., & Whitney, T. P. (1975). The Gulag Archipelago. New York: Harper & Row.

Taber, R. (2008). War of the flea: the classic study of guerrilla warfare. Bookmart Pub. 

3 thoughts on “4th Generation Warfare: Commies, Karens, Cowards, and Cowboys

  1. Same here! God providentially put this article in one of my searches today. Every preacher should read this article, but sadly most wouldn’t. I believe the giants in the faith today, whether they are young or old, will take this stand when they have to. I know I will!! This IS a war unlike any other that has been fought!


  2. Reblogged this on For The King and commented:
    This was an amazing read and worth considering. Obviously I agree with all of it.

    “This is the battle. The commie revolutionary versus the reformed cowboy.”

    The self-ruled man or the cultural Marxist? The worldview that produces Stalin’s Soviet Union and the CCP or the worldview that builds cathedrals and has built up every society it has touched?


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