WHITE PRIVILEGE: A brief treatise on worldly-minded conspiracy theories devoted to the exploding of the Church.

Godless philosophy will not fix the broken state of mankind.

SUMMARY: We live in a Too Long; Didn’t Read (TL;DR) culture. So Here’s a summary of what you’ll see. Read the whole thing, form a habit of reading. And not just fantasy fiction, because that’s another distilled worldview- it’s just not as popular as film and television (which I will refer to as film). Don’t dismiss this because you’re lazy and claim you don’t have time- you do. It’s just that you don’t care enough to finish listening with your eyes when you could be scrolling on something else that lights up addictive dopamine receptors in your brain.

This is a primer for Christians on Postmodernism, Critical Race Theory, White Privilege, and the nonprofit (501c3) known as Black Lives Matter (BLM)

BLM’s (501c3) roots in Marxist Postmodernism.

Postmodernism specifically within the realm of Feminist Standpoint Epistemology. 

You’ll have to read this treatise/primer in order for any summary to make sense. 

According to the German political experts of the time (1930s) a secret racial power was scheming for the subjugation of the people. Always behind the scenes, oppressing systemically the people in the country. This systemic racial power was corrupting and ever elusive. The stereotypical Jew embodied the oppressor lurking in the shadows. He was the Nosferatu of Nazi news and propaganda as seen in the image above. “The Jewish peril,” the Jew was exerting his power and influence, AKA his  “privilege” to keep the German people down. Soon Hitler defines (Sept 16, 1919) Jews as a race and not as a religious people. It was the fault of the Jew that the Germans couldn’t have what they wanted. Germans had been oppressed systemically by the Jews through slavery, prostitution, and corruption. But, this systemic oppression would end once the Jews and all the undesirables were gone, then there would be freedom. Thus rose National Socialism.

Hitler was enraged and saddened at the injustices he experienced at the hands of the Jews. Their unjust economic and historic practice of slavery. Go ahead and replace “Jew” with “white” and see if you might hear this flow of argument today. “The relation of the Jews to prostitution and, even more, to the white-slave traffic, could be studied in Vienna as perhaps in no other city of Western Europe, with the possible exception of the southern French ports. If you walked at night through the streets and alleys of Leopoldstadt, at every step you witnessed proceedings which remained concealed from the majority of the German people until the War gave the soldiers on the eastern front occasion to see similar things, or, better expressed, forced them to see them.” That’s a direct quote from Mein Kampf. It sounds a lot like postmodernism, because it is. This is national socialism rearing its head. One group oppressed by another group. If the group identity ideology goes unchecked, the consequences have been disastrous. Every. Single. Time. 

These racially motivated claims, by any stripe, are patently false, and wicked, precisely because bad players define the identity of the group being represented. The undergirding philosophy is also godless, postmodern, and socialist to the core.

Socialism is Fascism.  

Some in our culture have replaced the stereotypical Jewish man, given him a different look and made him even more nefarious- but of course they’ve kept the ideology. He’s still hiding behind the American flag. Take a moment and read some propaganda from Nazi Germany, then feel free to peruse the left’s ideology regarding the stereotypical nebulous evil rich white man, who by the color of his skin and its secret culture oppresses many. The white man’s race nefariously plotted the demise of minorities for centuries. Running roughshod over his patriarchal heteronormative playground accumulating inordinate power until he could Rest In Peace knowing he would forever subjugate the minorities. Go ahead and google some political cartoons of the President or the Police. 

The conspirators of the nebulous evil rich white man’s conspiracy did this by building his nation like every other nation was built before it. But instead they throw it at the feet of whiteness- which is about as racist as it gets. The left will happily tell you that “Whiteness” needs to be acknowledged as a problem before we can throw that whole system down by changing the meaning of words and legislating enough additions to remove anything the framers of the constitution intended. Let alone what they want to do with Bible-believing churches. Christian, unless you’ve actually been racist to someone, you have nothing to repent of. Don’t repent of sins someone else committed to ease your conscience. Don’t rob America’s future to pay for the past. 

Defining terms

Words mean things and ideas have consequences. Speech is thought communicated. A critical part of Critical Race Theory (CRT), White privilege is no more than a dogmatic conspiracy theory. It is sophistry. With the Rousseauian and Marxist ideology comes a series of disturbing consequences once adopted as an acceptable referent for future “social” “justice.” All of them ending in mass executions, starvation, death camps, genocide, and lead paint. Let’s define some terms. 

Conspiracy Theory: a theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators

Certainly sounds like White Privilege (see below)

Sophistry: subtly deceptive reasoning or argumentation.

White Privilege is summarized by Peggy McIntosh as “an invisible package of unearned assets.” I guess you don’t have to see colors to know someone’s white. How can you see whiteness if it’s invisible? Who cares? Don’t forget, this is part of an ancient plot to preserve white power hatched during the 1700s. This whole thing reeks of the Anti-Masonic party of the 1800s.

For the consequences of adopting revolutionary social justice you need only look to the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution (and subsequent rule of Lenin and Stalin 20 Million), the Cultural Revolution (Mao Zedong’s brutal murder of 20 million people), Hitler’s Third Reich (11 million) and the Cambodian Genocide by Pol Pot (1.5-2 million people murdered). Those consequences share the same roots and same fruits of “revolutionary justice” as idealized in socialism. One need only to consider the Communist Manifesto and the Gulag Archipelago to begin to see the utter wickedness being presented. Marxist ideology routinely required democide, on a scale unseen in history, a grand total of 100 million “oppressors” dead. Those people were just as human, each one of them, as anyone you see in a cell phone video. They were all image-bearers of God, mass exterminated on the altar of social change. There is no social gospel, there is only the gospel or the bondage of sin. 

The first murder, committed by Cain, spilled over from lusting with the eyes. But once mimetic desire kicks in, the only way to fix it is to take what you want.

Paul warns us in Col 2:8 to guard our hearts. Don’t let your conscience get taken captive by that hollow and deceptive philosophy of the world. James 4:4 reminds us that friendship with the world is ENMITY with God.  

 White Privilege is patently false. It conflates two “social” categories (race and power) into one system. Racial power. You could see why the black power movement would be the first to advance this fundamentally marxist ideology. If you haven’t, please read the Communist Manifesto. Even if you don’t, perhaps this essay will aide you with some thoughts to consider about the thinking you’ve been encouraged to adopt.


Consider this a tract, or essay, or primer, or treatise. Feel free to laugh the next time someone uses the term “White Privilege.” Aristotle points out in “Rhetoric” “appeals to the emotions warp the judgement…””…It [rhetoric] must adapt itself to an audience of untrained thinkers who cannot follow a long train of reasoning….” It’s fine to listen to someone’s individual experience, but that person doesn’t represent their “race” any more than you do. They actually share your race. We represent one race that is fallen in the first Adam, restored in the last Adam, AKA Christ. Don’t let your emotions hijack you into unthinking consent in order to assuage false guilt.

It doesn’t matter your background, salvation doesn’t come via the tragic stories people use to try to disprove a loving God. Christ was the most oppressed man to walk the earth. He drank the cup of God’s white hot wrath for His Elect. The only intersection is the Kingdom of God breaking in. 

Again, I am not saying that racism isn’t tragic. I’m not saying black lives don’t matter. I’m saying the problem is only fixed with Christ. If you want to protest, Christian, go protest. But you better profess the gospel of Jesus Christ to all who can hear. Otherwise you really don’t care about your neighbor, you just want to wash away some guilt with some fruitless works. You got that mimetic desire kicking in, it’s cool. (Which is why you watch those Kool-Aid shows, remember?) Activist Jesus was what the Palm Sunday crowd wanted, but they shouted for Jesus’ blood instead of the murderer Barabbas’ later that week. That crowd released a murderer over the Son of God. How’s that for social justice? Activist works won’t cut it. So cut out the cancerous philosophy and go talk to individuals about the open arms of Christ. Tell them about the intersection of the Cross with the people who put the incarnate Son of God there. Speaking of intersections…

Intersectional Ideology

Intersectional ideology bases itself on: 

Marxist: Materialistic power hunger. 

Feminist: Men are patriarchal phallogocentric (coined by Jacques Derrida, AKA penis-logic) oppressors. No, seriously, they believe that! Look it up. Actually, don’t waste your time or give clicks. I use the term penis logic not to be crass, but to show the utter childishness masquerading as intellectual terminology today in women’s studies. They would argue yes, the Washington monument is in fact a phallic symbol of power. They are couching utterly absurd accusations in intellectual language, because they have ultimately no value for logic. They reject any form of absolute objective truth or final standard.

Standpoint: Individual knowledge and that power.  

Epistemology: How we know what we know. Where truth comes from.

Again, that’s Marxist Feminist Standpoint Epistemology, It’s a really intellectual-sounding way to be pro abortion and anti-anyone-who-disagrees-having-a-voice. It boils down to oppressors and oppressed. The epistemology (how we know what we know, AKA where does Truth come from) of standpoint feminism could be summarized as insider-outsider, a variation on the theme of oppressor-oppressed. To summarize that-Essentially they’re saying women don’t understand the heteronormative patriarchal epistemology of men, and thus they’re excluded because they’re women and haven’t been groomed in secret man knowledge. It sounds stupid because it is, the boys won’t let me in on their secret thinking, so I have to make my own. My voice needs to be heard. You need to be suppressed in order to create “spaces” for “voices.” Sit down, they say. Be humble, they say. The girls need a chance to speak, and so do those who have infinitely variable sexual proclivities as identities. Again, they’re using clever arguments to say that men don’t like women, homosexuals, other religions, or minorities. They know this because they’ve investigated how secret man knowledge works.

See why this requires an emotional appeal? It doesn’t hold a leg because its assertions are insane when you try to explain it to a normal person. You’d be laughed out of the room, unless you whip people up with emotional rhetoric. Secret white knowledge is like secret man knowledge, it’s the unspoken code that somehow all white men have. It’s the nebulous evil rich white man hiding behind the American flag. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Intersectionality is based heavily on worth, value, and meaning being given by groups. Hence group identity. It’s the kangaroo court of public opinion. Christians are going to be hated by the world because our truth claims rebut this at every turn, because our Truth claims are objectively True. See Romans 1:18.

You have to use emotional appeals and extremely academic sounding language to conceal the real impetus to this movement. Just make people feel guilty, tell them they’re wrong for feeling guilty, then tell them what to do and how to listen in order to stop hurting other people. BLM is not about black men, it’s about abusing the dead to further a godless ideology on the Christians you told to be nice for 30 years. It is about moving civil rights into the homosexual arena in a disturbing way. One wherein the separation of church and state will become one way. Just like that, you got distracted and missed a huge 6-3 decision from the Supreme Court on homosexual civil rights. DuckDuckGo it (stop using google). Any person with half a brain will immediately recognize the utter insanity of what’s being proposed by BLM.

To rehash that academic sounding language: Feminist Standpoint Epistemology. It’s a way to start a movement called BLM and have it be nothing to do with black men. Instead of having a history section they have a HERSTORY section. Which reads as follows: “As organizers who work with everyday people, BLM members see and understand significant gaps in movement spaces and leadership. Black liberation movements in this country have created room, space, and leadership mostly for Black heterosexual, cisgender men — leaving women, queer and transgender people, and others either out of the movement or in the background to move the work forward with little or no recognition. As a network, we have always recognized the need to center the leadership of women and queer and trans people. To maximize our movement muscle, and to be intentional about not replicating harmful practices that excluded so many in past movements for liberation, we made a commitment to placing those at the margins closer to the center.” This is a wicked and idolatrous propaganda play that was just run on you. The movement wants nothing to do with black men, other than to use them as religious icons in a feminist movement aimed at destroying homes. More on that later.

Let’s go back to their epistemology for a second.

There is no truth and everyone does what is right in their own eyes, aka standpoint epistemology. The dominant Christian Patriarchal phallogocentric culture (penis logic oppressors again) silenced and marginalized anyone who disagreed to further oppress and enslave, consolidating power. Just like Hitler’s conception of the Jews. According to the postmodern leftist, phallogocentric (penis logic) words are only ways to communicate subjugation and power, not truth. There is no objective truth or reality, but rather socially accumulated knowledge. Knowledge is social, power-based, and evolved. There is ultimately no truth but that within, and the battle is hegelian, aka my thesis for your antithesis is somewhere a synthesis, always becoming, never arriving at objective reality. There is no objective reality. There is no Truth. There is no God. This is intersectionality, my voice contributes to power dynamics by creating power structures that become accepted. It’s all power, and no truth.

But all glory and power and honor belong to God.


We need to take a quick detour to brush up on Premodern, Modern, and Postmodern Epistemology. This will take a few seconds. Try to remember this. In order to understand this, I will attempt to make this as simple as possible.

Premodern: objective truth is available through the specific revelation of God, Theism

Modern: Man is mostly left on his own by God and able to arrive at truth empirically by examination. Agnosticism, Deism

Postmodern: There is no God, we are cosmic material accidents of existence with no purpose (unique snowflakes). No one is able to be objective, objectivity is a myth. The only reality is personal inner experience, that is MY truth. Fascism, Socialism, Racism, Radical skepticism and existentialism.

Of the epistemic views, as Christians we can only adopt one epistemic truth claim. That of Scripture. Premodernism as established in the confirmed record of Christ, who is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, THE LIFE. No one will be liberated without the Triune God of Scripture’s sovereign plan of salvation.

There is no salvation without it. We’re all equally wrong without Christ, damned in our idolatrous suppression of the truth in unrighteousness.

The polemics behind intersectionality

What happens when intersectionality shifts to oppressed sexual preferences? Homosexuality? Transgenderism? Polygamy? Pederasty? (pedophilia is only wrong because of culturally imposed patriarchal ageism, you just haven’t been made “aware” of it yet) Necrophilia? Temple Prostitution? Ritual Human Sacrifices? We’re just talking about cultural preferences, because since there’s no truth, only group identities can determine cultural norms that create moral truths. Cosmic material with no purpose, remember. It’s oppressive to tell someone their personal truth, which is part of their reality, is wrong.

Herbert Marcuse (a postmodern intellectual) states “Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right, and toleration of movements from the Left.” See, man’s problem can’t come from truth according to the left. Because it’s not about truth for the postmodern leftist. Truth is a problem for him. 

We’re conflating race (which is not a biblical category, for we all descend from Adam and Eve) with culture (a word meaning worship itself) and somewhere mixing in “power structures.”

Sin is man’s problem. Idolatry. Race is not man’s problem because man is all one race made in the Imago Dei (Image of God). If you read and believe the Bible, you know this to be True. All humans are made in the Imago Dei. Christ already explored the Golden Rule. Case closed. People don’t do that, because of sin. Not because of some system. It’s Sin. The abuse of the Old Testament flying around right now is embarrassing. It’s funny that a society condemned by works, demands more works. They don’t want to Love the Lord their God, but they want you to love your neighbor on their terms. They want to assault you with the Law. The only goal is feminist deconstruction, that would include pulling down visible as well as invisible structures, at least according to the Marxist women running BLM.

I don’t need to qualify myself as an expert in marxist studies (that would be a joke) to point you to the Truth. Yes, I have Truth claims because I have a standard for objective Truth called a Bible. It’s all available for you to consider yourself. We’re looking for Truth here. Capital T Truth.


Here’s what’s happening when you acknowledge the seemingly innocuous statement “Black Lives Matter” (aside from the obvious acknowledgement of skin color as a defining identity for image bearers of God):

By using the term BLM, you are acknowledging Critical Race Theory/Intersectionality/White Privilege. All are corollaries of marxism. They are bound inseparably, do some research for yourself if you don’t believe me. Using BLM means accepting no less than four statements when any “Race” or “Identity” gets mentioned. Because this term “White” is slippery. It doesn’t mean what we think it means, which is a portion of why it’s garbage. It’s Orwellian Doublespeak and I won’t give it the time of day to explain it. I’ll do you one better and go “Ad Fontes,” to the sources. 

This is what’s being adopted when you hear “White” in terms of White Privilege. You are saying amen to all of the philosophical propositions listed below when you agree that “White privilege” is in existence. You’re inviting these ideologies into the Church as supplements to scripture for Christ’s Bride. It is an ideological term with a fundamentally flawed series of presuppositions. All of these are included when you acknowledge the “pain” associated with “White privilege.”

The white privilege philosophical package

1. Rousseau’s (and mildly Plato’s) view of children 

Their view: society ruins what would be innocent children who would otherwise never sin.

Biblical View: Heart of man is wicked. (Jer 17:9)

2. Hedonistic philosophy

Their View: No amount of oppression (aka, suffering) is good. The only good is pleasure. Anything else is wrong. 

Biblical View: Die to yourself daily (1 Cor 15:31-49)

3. Marxist explosion of nuclear family, specifically patriarchy (this is where Plato’s ideals intrude marginally in parentless/communal child rearing). 

Their View: Heteronormative Patriarchal Nuclear Family must be exploded

Biblical View: The Husband is the head of the wife, as Christ is head of the Church (Eph 5:3)

4. Darwinian view of man and God.

Their View: There is no God, and man is a cosmic accident. If there is a God he certainly recognizes my works. I must work to be saved. Man descended from different ape ancestors in different areas resulting in different races.

Biblical View: We descended from Adam and Eve, we are one race formed in the Imago Dei. (Gen 1-3)

5. Sartre’s/Kierkegard’s view of being (ontology)/purpose (teleology) or Existential Humanism

Their View: Existence precedes essence, meaning I create my own meaning and purpose (also, occasionally by proxy, some of it is imposed on me by external forces, but I can create my own meaning)

Biblical View: Essence Precedes existence ( Genesis 1-3 Imago Dei, Jer 1:5)

But we accept the Darwinian premise on “racial origin” right out of the gate when we talk about races. Already we’ve moved away from Christianity. But the term racism is still wrong- poor terminology, but wrong. Is it not easier to say, “yea, you shouldn’t have been treated that way, because the Bible says not to. Male and Female, we were created in the image of God. Men and women are distinct physical binary image bearers formed by our Creator, the Triune God of Scripture proclaimed in the 66 books of the Old and New Testament.” No one will say that though. Because the hope is that by being “nice” perhaps you can change someone’s beliefs about God. Also that idea isn’t popular. Society doesn’t want to acknowledge people are made in the Imago Dei (image of God), because that would mean there’s a DEI(TY) who will hold us MORALLY ACCOUNTABLE. That means we need Jesus Christ, our mediator.

Every individual is unique. I’ve had hardships, you’ve had hardships. Sure racists exist, even though race is not a biblical thing. We’re told not to be mockers, scoffers, or fools repeatedly throughout scripture. That we are told “You shall do no injustice in judgment; you shall not be partial to the poor nor defer to the great, but you are to judge your neighbor fairly.” Lev 19:15 People are individuals, plain and simple.

Amazing. But how should we treat our neighbors? As ourselves! Self care should bleed into neighbor care according to scripture which is giving them the Word of God in Truth and Love and enjoying life to the Glory of God. If something wrong happens, listen. Murder is against the 10 commandments, but so is covetousness. I believe you that someone sinned against you, but not because you’re part of some mysterious gnostic racial/sexual/caste/class/warrior mage system. I believe you because you’re made in the Imago Dei. I’d also like witnesses. Partiality is wrong, remember!

See, the problem presented isn’t that racism is wrong (it is). Systems are tools, and tools don’t have intent. A gun, a cotton gin, or a computer isn’t racist. Systems can’t think. Racism is being lumped into a series of categories that, once accepted, become an unending source for legislation from which there is no defense for any reasonable person. Because, do not forget that we are to CELEBRATE THESE VOICES. You can’t ask any questions about anything, just shut up and listen. But shutting up and not going against the tide is not enough. It is not enough to merely acknowledge that people are mean and confront wrong behavior toward them. No, sir. WE NEED TO CELEBRATE THESE UNIQUE VOICES AND GIVE THEM SPACES! How many people get to speak? What margin of oppression is acceptable? What shade of melanin or percentage of DNA is sufficient? Whose voice? If it’s Voddie Baucham, Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Virgil Walker, or Muhammed Ali Jr.- they don’t get to speak. Which begs a question.

Which voices? I’m serious. According to intersectionality, those realities and their “voices” or “spaces” balloon into an incalculable number of oppression indices. You could just have individuals, but instead we need groups to identify people. Names are just to humanize ideology and use them for pithy slogans and cell phone footage of people doing bad things to other people.

But listening to the voices of positive speech is not enough. What about the negative voices? The ones that run counter to the group narrative. We see that this isn’t really about race here. It’s actually about a group identity that fits a specific worldview. It’s the reason black men aren’t part of the BLM statement other than as props. But what of those negative voices? The ones that speak against Marxist, racist BLM ideology? Should everyone have a mother and a father? What about hate speech laws on protected classes? Is ageism different from racism? What about homophobia? What about homosexual Pedophilia? Always wrong? Always right? How oppressed is a pedophile in our culture? He can’t get a job or go near a school merely because of his sexual identity. That’s his existential reality, remember.

Listen to their voices, let them tell you about their experiences. Because sexuality is the same as skin color. Don’t you see? That’s the real phallogocentric thinking that Derrida gifted to feminism. With intersectionality the end game is 100 percent you being silenced, and stripped of your children if you go to a Biblical church. The state will be happy to teach them as Plato and Marx suggested. Don’t be afraid though, because you’re wrong. You’re the bigot. Don’t you see men should bear children, too? Listen to my experience. “My voice is more important,” they say. “I murder my children in the womb so I can take yours.”

See, as Christians, we have one identity. It’s how we dress. Clothed in the righteousness of Christ. He is our standard. His Word is our bond, not the word of Marx, Rousseau, Derrida, or Sartre. 

Maybe you don’t agree. I’ll let this last reminder sit with you. 

From the BLM website. The same website that never mentions men in their “We Believe.” It uses men’s names as shameless props, but never mentions men as a category. It mentions women, mothers, parents, children. But never once men. Because, remember, this is from feminist epistemology. From the highlight reel:

“We dismantle the patriarchal practice…”

“We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure…”

“We foster a queer-affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking…”

“We cultivate an intergenerational and communal network free from ageism…”

Clearly, fathers and men have no place in this “community.” The best part on the site is where they use “comrade.” But they’re not communist. It’s just a shared communal project. Nothing to do with Marx! Nothing to see here!

I’ll leave you again with this wonderful quote:

“We mean conversion of the average American’s emotions, mind, and will through a planned psychological attack, in the form of propaganda fed to the nation via the media. We mean ‘subverting’ the mechanism of prejudice to our own ends—using the very processes that made America hate us to turn their hatred into warm regard—whether they like it or not.”

-From the book “After the Ball”

Read the 1987 article here.


These are the demands: Celebrate me! The shouts of the crowd demand attention. Give me meaning! Ascribe worth to me! I demand worth-ship! I demand worship! Give me a voice, honor me, and give me a special place. Make me a little god! Love your neighbor by worshipping me!

The whole ideology of BLM rejects Christ. We should mourn sin, certainly. All black lives do matter, that includes those little baby lives in the womb. That includes the lives of slaves held captive in “massage parlors”, hotels, and cargo containers around our own country. BLM doesn’t care about that, they want to tear down the patriarchy, the church, and history. BLM rejects reality.

Sin must be called sin as sin, not as godless, works-based political ideology. Jesus offers repentance and hope to those who are lost. But that means each person is accountable for their own sin without Christ as mediator. (Ezekiel 18:20)

There is only one God

There is only one mediator

Standing between God and Man

He’s the only way to salvation.

But hey, choose your own adventure, Christian. Right? Whatever works for you, I won’t judge you. Christ will, at His final coming. Get tangled up with whatever extra burdens you want. I can only point you to The Way. 

Justice is supposed to be blind now. However, Spoiler alert! Mankind subverts justice whenever it can without the regeneration of the Holy Spirit. Once sin no longer rules the world, after Christ’s return, you will see True Justice and He will see you. Without Christ you will have the True Justice you long for in all eternity. With Christ, or, in righteous eternal damnation- depends on where your identity is found. No amount of pigment, oppression or works will change that.

Choose your own adventure. But God writes the story.

Memento Mori,


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